Julian Gill


Julian Gill is a reporter for the Houston Chronicle. He joined the Chronicle in 2018 after two years at the Denton Record-Chronicle, where he covered police and county government. He graduated from the University of North Texas. A San Antonio native, he is a die-hard Spurs fan and avid runner.


Texas Associated Press Managing Editors 2018 (Class 1A)

  • First place: Star Investigative Report, for an investigation into the Denton Police Department's questionable red light camera overtime practices

  • Third place: Star Investigative Report, for a series of stories on a chief deputy constable in Denton County facing a felony indictment

  • First place: Freedom of Information, for the investigation into Denton police overtime

Texas Associated Press Managing Editors 2017 (Class 1A)

  • Second place: Team effort, for a series of stories on a botched election in Denton County

  • Second place: Deadline writing

  • Third place: Features

Denton County Friends of the Family Awards 2018

"Justice Journalist" award for coverage of domestic violence, sexual assault in Denton


A young dad clings to his only hope after a destructive COVID infection. It comes with a heavy price.

When the delta wave of COVID-19 hit Houston in the summer of 2021, hospitals
were pushed to capacity as a surge of unvaccinated patients required intensive care. By early September, the state of Texas logged more than 25,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day. It was during this swell that Houston Chronicle photographer Godofredo Vásquez and reporter Julian Gill first met Jesus Ceja Ceja, a young, unvaccinated father of two fighting for his life in a 10th-floor hospital room at Houston Methodist.

Over the next several months, Godofredo and Julian visited Jesus at least once a week, logging more than 100 hours’ worth of interviews and time spent photographing his journey. This project, Transplanted, follows Jesus’s journey - from his very first symptoms, to his battle to make the waiting list for a double lung transplant, and all the challenges he faced along the way.

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Texas' abortion laws led to 3-day delay for Houston woman's pregnancy loss treatment, doctor says

Texas abortion laws left Kristina Cruickshank stuck in limbo, forced to wait for a hospital to perform a medical necessary abortion as she faced a potentially life-threatening condition.

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A Houston mother's terrible choice: deliver Theodora and watch her die or terminate her pregnancy

Elizabeth Weller’s story illustrates the collision between medical ethics and legal ramifications that healthcare professionals and institutions face when termination is a medically appropriate option. Now dealing with a high-risk pregnancy, she and James processed their tragedy in a state of limbo, from which their only escape was a flight out of Texas or signs of an infection.

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Residents of unregulated boarding homes suffer abuse and neglect. New Texas laws may protect them.

Even as officials begin requiring permits for boarding homes in formerly unregulated parts of Harris County, existing standards are not enough to stop some operators from taking advantage of the area’s most vulnerable residents, lawmakers say.

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‘Trying to be superwoman’: Houston single mothers face brunt of pandemic’s impact

An estimated 15 million mothers without partners in the United States will be most severely affected by the economic downturn, which has battered industries that employ higher concentrations of women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Stay-at-home restrictions have left these mothers balancing on an already fragile tightrope, crippling childcare and school routines that previously supported their busy schedule.

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